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Das schwarze Haus am
schwarzen See. In Kitzbühel.

The Witzmann brothers
and their house.

Skiing ice deserts, climbing rock faces, collecting vintage two-wheelers and soaring from mountain peaks – all in a day’s work for the Witzmann boys.

Witzmann's playground of personal creativity and ideas.

Their sense of adventure doesn’t stop there: Taking their family home, the place they grew up, painting it carbon black, filling it with designer furniture from the 50s, 60s and 70s, this courageous creation of their own that knows its past and lives modernity.

Seebichl - home for:

Carl Auböck ● teNeues books ● Franz Schuster ● Jiri Jiroutek ● THONET chairs ● rupert nikoll ● anna popelka & georg poduschka ● chairsandmore ● interier praha ● IUMI Steckdesign ● Alfons Walde ● Antonin Suman ● terrific tubes ● ingo maurer blow me up ● Berndorf ● standard high wheels ● silkeborg ● karasek wien ● willy guhl ● eternit ● eugenia loli ● edsby verken ● drehform ● wiesner hager ● zafferano ● riess emaille ● KONA bikes ● Mike Schierz ● austro sessel ● big green egg ● nuova simonelli ● wertheim werke wien ● franz ritsch ● duralex ● boska fondue ● Johanna Daimer Filze ● Leidenfrost ● Bergschmiede ● Werkstätten Gierer ● zomorrodi-teppiche

Twenty-six rooms

King of Cool